Small Scale Oil Refinery

The industrial revolution has changed the shape of this earth. The world has witnessed continuous development over several decades. So was the 20th Century for the Oil & Fat Industry as well.
Today all the industries have become Giant. There is a blind craze for Giant Machines, Giant Productions and Giant Profits. This has led to the centralization everywhere and resulted into the differences in our societies. The wealth has been concentrated only in few pockets and majority remains deprived of this.

Amidst all the above, Our factory has tried a bit to develop Tiny Technology machinery plants which are economical and viable. “Small Scale Oil Refinery Plant” is an innovative Oil Refining Unit for the Edible as well as Non-Edible Oils.

Our research to invent the small scale refinery in early 20’s resulted into a great achievement. Our company Tinytech Udyog made efforts to design smaller equipments and smaller components which can work parallel to the giant refinery plants. The first small scale refinery was then manufactured and installed at our own factory for testing. Successful results gave a boost to this concept which led to plenty installations later. We exported and supplied such small scale refinery plants to more than 30 countries of Africa, Asia, Caribbean alone.

Each refinery plant created a unique foot print on the global map and brought Tinytech as the world leader in small scale refining projects. Today our company is the prominent and only manufacturer in India who focuses and concentrates on small scale refinery for interested customers.

Advantages of Small Scale Refinery Plant

There are several significant advantages of small scale oil refinery plants which are totally unique in all perspectives. Developing countries of Asia, Africa, South America and Island Countries have plenty scope of installing such small scale oil refinery plants. Our Small Scale Refinery has the below special features:

  • Lower Capital Investment
  • Easy Purchase Capacity for Majority People
  • Lesser Utility Requirements
  • Easy and Less Maintenance
  • Faster Troubleshooting and Re-Start Period
  • Manageable Business Operations
  • Economical Production with Excellent Quality Oils